Automated Alerts based on Saved Lists  

If you aren't using the saved list feature yet, then you're surely missing out because this feature does a lot of your prospecting work for you. This amazing feature sends you an email when an app enters or leaves a list of apps (or any other dataset) that you have saved! 

For example, you'll be able to receive an email whenever: 

  • an app has recently uninstalled your competitor
  • gaming apps that recently hit 1M downloads
  • any new apps that have been published in the 'Shopping' category

Step 1: How do I create a saved list?

Go into the one of our directories - in this example, we will use the Android Playstore directory 

Step 2: Input the filters you care about. For example, you can apply the SDK Chartboost, Genre "games", and use download range of 

Step 3:  Click on the Save button 

The "Save" button be found in any one of our directories. It is located on the top left next to the search bar.

Once you click on it, you will see a popup: 

Step 4: Name your List. If you would like to receive emails alerts baed on this list, use the toggles to turn on "Email Alerts", and select your preferred frequency of receiving emails. Under 'Events,' you can select 'Both' so you receive a report that tells you which apps have come in or gone out of this set list; it could be apps that have installed or uninstalled Chartboost. You can choose to push these automated results to Salesforce, or even share this saved with the rest of your team on the MixRank dashboard


Step 5: Click Save. Now you can find your saved lists on the MixRank dashboard whenever you log into the MixRank home page. Clicking on the name of your saved list (black arrow), you will directed to the list itself. Please note that the green and red arrows indicate the number of apps that have come in (green) or gone out (red) of your saved list. By clicking on either, you will be directed to the corresponding list of apps. For example, if you click on the green +107, you will be directed a page containing these +107 apps, which you could download into a csv. 

Below is an example of the automated email alerts based on the saved lists. Note the green and red "additions" and "removals" are also clickable. 

You can do this simple step with any search criteria that is important for you, all you need to do is apply your filters and create the alert!