The "permissions filter" in Android apps directory helps teams identify apps that have certain permissions turned on such as the accessing background location, camera, etc: 

Right underneath the permissions filter, you can click on "overview" and "permissions" to look at an overview of the manifest device-level permissions in Android Playstore. There are many other types of permissions as well. Simply type in the keyword for the permissions you want applied, and it will come up. Some of the useful permissions are: 

ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: Allows an app to access precise location (GPS) 
ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION: Allows an app to access approximate location (WIFI) 
CAMERA: Required to be able to access the camera device
NFC: Allows applications to perform I/O operations over near field communication
READ_CONTACTS: Allows an application to read the user's contacts data
Broadcast_SMS: Allows an application to broadcast an SMS receipt notification
Get_Accounts: Allows access to the list of accounts in the Accounts Service

This filter will help you figure out a more targeted prospecting effort.