With the new MixRank dashboard, you can easily  search up your saved lists and alerts, share these lists with others on your  team, use a public list created by MixRank, and quickly search for items such as apps or companies right from the homepage.

1. Search for a saved list or a public list made by MixRank
At the top of the new MixRank home page is a  search bar that lets you search for a saved list or a list published by  MixRank. All of your saved lists will appear at the top, right underneath the  search bar. Click 
here if you don’t know how to create a saved list and get  email alerts based on it.  


You can enter specific keywords for your search. For example, as  shown below, by entering the keyword “gaming”, I am able to search up all the  game-related lists available on the dashboard: 



As show above, the left of the list tells us what type of list it is. For example, the first list indicated by the red arrow on the left is a  list of Android Playstore apps. 


Also seen here are two type of lists – saved lists and MixRank public lists. These lists are ordered so that your saved lists appear at the  top (top 2), and the public lists made by MixRank appear underneath them  (bottom 4). To the far right of a public list is a “save” button (as the blue  arrow indicates) that allows you to save it and make it “your” list, so that it  appears at the top too. 


2. Share a saved list with everyone on your team  

Furthermore, you can share/publish your saved lists  with all of your team members by click on the pencil sign on the right of each  saved list shown below (red arrow) which allows you to edit the list. 


So how exactly do you share your saved list with the team? As  shown below, after you click on the “pencil” sign, a new window will pop up and  you can simply turn on the “Share within [your team]” toggle. A toggle on the  right means it’s on. 


Once you’ve shared a saved list with your team members, these  shared lists will appear below their own personal lists but on top of the  public lists created by MixRank. 


3. Hiding, showing and selecting types of lists 

What if you want to hide certain lists – for instance, you want  to hide all the public lists created by MixRank? Very easy, you can do that by  clicking on the drop-down sign to the left of the search bar (red arrow) and  untoggle the “public” button (blue arrow): 

4. Fast search - select a specific directory,  search for items quickly 

Morever, you can select a specific directory through the  above drop down, such as the iOS apps directory (yellow). Once you’ve done  that, you will see only the lists created for iOS apps: 


What’s more, you can even search for a specific apps right  from here, by entering the name of the app, and hitting enter, as shown below:  


Once you enter in candy crush, even though there are no “lists”  with the keyword, if you proceed to hit “enter” regaredless, you will be  searching for this particular app instead: 


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